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1.1. This Privacy Policy uses the following terms and definitions:

1.1.1. "Company" refers to the Limited Liability Company "AGI Electronics" (LLC "AGI Electronics"), OGRN 1207700169687, address of registration: 115419, Moscow, Orjonikidze street 11, building 3, floor 4 office 1 room 13.

1.1.2. "Rights Holder" refers to the Astrata AG, incorporated and existing under the laws of Switzerland (Address of registration: Gewerbestrasse 9, Cham, Canton of Zug 6330, Switzerland), which is the rights holder of the POLARIS trademark and which is the rights holder and developer of the POLARIS IQ Home mobile application.

1.1.3. “Application” refers to the mobile application POLARIS IQ Home, a software product, a type of application software designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile (portable, handheld, pocket) devices, including those enabling remote control of POLARIS appliances.

1.1.4. "Website" refers to the Company's website hosted on the Internet at: https://www.polaris.company/

1.1.5. “Personal Data” personal information relating to a directly or indirectly defined or identifiable individual (User) and obtained during the User's use of the Site and/or Application, as well as information obtained by the Site and/or Application automatically with the help of software installed on the User's device, including IP-address, cookie data, browser information, date and time of access to the Site and/or Application and other similar information.

1.1.6. “Personal Data Processing” refers to any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed using automation means or without using such means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), anonymization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.1.7. “User” means a person who has access to the Website and/or the Application, via the Internet.

1.1.8. “Account” refers to a set of data stored in a computer system about a user, necessary for recognizing (authenticating) him/her and providing access to his/her personal data and settings.

1.1.9. “Cookies” refers to small files that are stored on the User's computer by the browser at the request of the Website that the User is viewing.

1.2. All other terms and definitions not specified in this section shall be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.


2.1. The User's use of the Website and/or Application means his/her consent to this Privacy Policy and the terms of processing the User's personal data.

2.2. In case of disagreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy, the User must stop using the Website and/or Application.

2.3. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website and Application. The Company and or the Rights Holder does not control and shall not be responsible for third party websites to which the User can access through the links available on the Website and/or the Application.

2.4. The Company and or the Rights Holder does not verify the accuracy of personal data provided by the User of the Website and/or the Application.


3.1. The User Personal Data shall be used by the Company for the following purposes:

  • identification of the User and establishment of feedback with him;
  • processing of requests and applications from the User received in the feedback form;
  • provision of the User with effective customer and technical support in case of problems related to the use of the Website and/or the Application.
  • providing and sending information to the User regarding the Company's products and services provided by the Company, including possible advertising; sending special offers, price information, newsletters, and other information to the User in order to conclude a contract for the sale of the Company's products, to which the User plans to be a party;
  • providing the User with access to the websites or services of the Company's partners in order to place orders for the purchase of the Company's products and/or to receive related services;
  • conducting statistical and other studies based on anonymized data.

3.2. When using the Website and/or Application, implementing the functions of the Website and/or Application, the User provides the Company with the following personal data:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • contact phone number;
  • e-mail;
  • residential address.

3.3. The Company does not verify the accuracy of personal data provided by the User of the Website and/or Application. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and content of the data provided by the User.

3.4. The User's personal data shall be kept confidential, except for cases when the User voluntarily provides information about himself/herself for general access to an unlimited number of persons.

3.5. The processing of the User’s personal data shall be carried out without any time limit by any legal means, including in the personal data information systems using automation tools or without using such tools. The User agrees that the Company is entitled to transfer the User's personal data to any third parties. Third parties engaged by the Company shall process the User's personal data solely for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

3.6. The User may at any time change, update, supplement the personal data or any part thereof provided by him/her, or withdraw his/her consent to the processing of the personal data provided by him/her through sending a corresponding notice to the e-mail address info@polaris.company.

3.7. In case, the User has decided to refuse the use of cookies through individual browser settings. The User acknowledges and accepts the fact that the functionality of the Website and/or Application expected by the User may not be available in full.

3.8. To delete an account and all related (personal) data of the User, the User should go to the “Settings” section of the Polaris IQ Home Application, select the “My Profile” subsection, and then select the “Delete Account” command.

From the moment of account deletion, the processing of the User's account and other data (personal data) shall cease, unless otherwise expressly provided for by applicable law.

Deletion of the User's account does not prevent the User from re-registering with the same credentials.


4.1. The Website may use “cookies” and similar technologies to guarantee maximum convenience to the User by providing personalized information, remembering marketing and product preferences, and helping to obtain the correct information.

4.2. The User simultaneously with the agreement with this Privacy Policy gives consent to the use of “cookies” and other similar technologies for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, including by third parties.

4.3. The structure of the cookie file, its content, and technical parameters are determined by the Website and may be changed without prior notice to the User.

4.4. The Company has the right to establish that achieving the full functionality of the Website is only possible if the acceptance and receipt of cookies is authorized by the User.

4.5. In case, the User has decided to refuse the use of cookies through individual browser settings. The User acknowledges and accepts the fact that the functionality of the Website expected by the User may not be available in full.


5.1. The Company shall take necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the personal data of the Website and/or the Application Users from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, and distribution, as well as from other unlawful actions of third parties concerning the Personal Data received by the Company in the course of the User's use of the Website and/or the Application.

5.2. The Company undertakes to prevent attempts of unauthorized access to the information obtained during telephone conversations and/or its transfer to third parties not directly related to the performance by the Company of the functionality offered to the User on the website. The Company also has the right to record telephone conversations with the User, having warned him about it.

5.3. The current legislation of the Russian Federation shall apply to this Privacy Policy and relations between the Company and the User or between the Rights Holder and the User arising in connection with the distribution of the terms of the Privacy Policy to them.

5.4. The Company has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without the User's consent.

5.5. The new Privacy Policy takes effect from the moment it is posted on the Website, unless otherwise provided for by the new edition of the Privacy Policy.

5.6. The current Privacy Policy is available at https://polaris.company/en/privacy/.

Updated "September 14", 2023.