Electric shaver Polaris PMR 0205RC wet&dry PRO 5 BLADES
Trimmer Polaris PHC 2302RC
Styler Polaris PHS 2515KT
Styler Polaris PHS 2636KT Tango
Trimmer Polaris PHC 2104
Hair dryer Polaris PHD1420i
Hair dryer Polaris PHD 2502TDi Tango
Hair dryer Polaris PHD 2260TDi
Hair dryer Polaris PHS 1205i
Hair dryer comb Polaris PHSB 1214Mi Infra Fusion
Electric razor Polaris PMF 1013RC wet&dry 5D PROF 3+
  • Height: 164
  • Width: 46
  • Type of electric shaver: Сеточная
  • Shaving method: Сухое и влажное бритье
  • Name of the cutting unit: PRO 5 BLADES
  • The repetition of the facial contours: 5D
  • Battery charging time: 1,5
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