Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 3900 IQ Home Panorama Aqua.

Drawing up a precise cleaning route with the LASER NAVIGATION system. Up to 10 rooms cleaning zones division Cleaning limitation up to 10 zones in each rooom Cleaning resume from the stop point after recharging Cleaning schedule: days, hours Wi-Fi control: - From anywhere in the world via mobile app - Any number of users. - No additional equipment needed Options: - Mapping - Wet and dry automatic cleaning - Rotation speed of the side brushes adjustment - 3 types of restricted areas • wet cleaning restricted area • dry cleaning restricted area • restricted area for any type of cleaning - Up to 120 minutes of operating time. Safety: - Ability to set administrator rights; - Multi-level data protection; Li-ion battery 3200 mAh - cleaning area 150 m² per charge. 4 driving modes. 3 power modes. Electric brush Side brushes for effective cleaning. HEPA filter. 0,45 liter dust container volume 0,3 liter container for wet cleaning Power 25W Learn more about robot vacuum cleaner in Polaris IQ home App: Attention! The vacuum cleaner has a pre-installed container for dry cleaning. The wet cleaning container is packed separately on the right side inside the main box.
Cleaning type
dry and wet