Cordless vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCS 0724

2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner - upright and compact.
Operating time without recharging up to 40 minutes.
LED backlight - extra lighting during operation.
Storage: floor and hanging.
Cyclonic dust collection system.
Replaceable nozzles - 3 pcs.
WALK by ITSELF technology – easy cleaning.
Due to a special electric drive on the brush, the vacuum cleaner moves forward by itself, and its weight is nearly not felt when used on horizontal surfaces.
Wall mount.
2 operating modes.
0.5 dust container volume.
Battery charging time: up to 4.5 hours.
Battery: Lithium 2200mAh 22.2V.
- Input voltage: 100-240 V;
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz;
- Output voltage: 26 V;
- Output current: 400mA.