Coffee maker Polaris PACM 2080AC Wi-Fi IQ Home

Wi-Fi control from anywhere in the world via without edditional equipment.
Italian pump with a 20 Bar pressure.
PROFI-CREAM milk frothing system.
Individual drink settings.
The coffee machine is equipped with the unique Profi-cream milk frothing system, which allows you to prepare a unique creamy milk foam. This model has 16 automatic per-installed programs: espresso, ristretto, americano, lungo, cappuccino, latte, flat white, cortado, macchiato, coffee with milk, latte macchiato, double espresso, double cappuccino, double latte, double flat white, double mochachino. Each program can be configured individually by the user according to his taste preferences.
Italian-made pump with a pressure of 20 bar allows preparing rich espresso with excellent coffee crema.
The color touch display with an intuitive interface allows you to prepare your favorite drink with just one touch.
Wi-Fi control will allow you to control the coffee machine remotely.
Type of cappuccinatore
Number of grinding levels
Number of coffee strength levels
Millstone material
Stainless steel
Dispenser height adjustment max. (mm)
Dispenser height adjustment min. (mm)
Type of coffee used
Grain, Ground
Control type
Power, W
1500 W
The volume of the water container
1,8 l
Hopper capacity for beans
250 gr
3 years of warranty