Pot Polaris Sonata-20C stainless. steel (3.2 l)

Exclusive bottom design, developed in Italy.
High quality stainless steel 18/10.
Body shape - Apple shape
IMPACT technology - triple stamped thermal storage bottom with aluminum interlayer.
TurboHeat - a smooth transition from the bottom to the walls increases the reliability of the bottom attachment that ensures quick heating.
Handles - comfortable ergonomic stainless steel handles, dishwasher safe.
Heat-resistant glass lid with steam hole.
Convenient measuring markers.
Suitable for all types of kitchen stove, including induction stoves.
25 year warranty.
Stainless steel
Size/diameter, cm
Volume, l
3,20 l
Types of plates
All types of plates, including induction
Archival model
Pot Polaris Sonata-20C stainless. steel (3.2 l) фото